How to earn reward point?

1.New customer sign up get 500 points $1 = 1 point

(The point cannot be transferred between grocery and gift card sections)

3.Email link to a friend get 50 points (maximun 50 points/day)

4.To write a review for a product get 20 points (maximum 20 points/day)

5.Email subscription to get 50 points (maximum 50 points/day)

6.referred customer to get 100 points (maximum 100 points/day)

7.Place a order from referred friend get 200 points (maximum 400 points/day)

How to redeem reward point?

1.  Create a new account and sign in

2. Select the item you want to buy, then click my cart

3. Click view and edit cart

4. The summary page

How much cash back can I get from reward point?

200 points = $1 gift card discount

200 points = $2 grocery discount